Sell Your Kids Used Clothes to Us

Hi :) We're a small family run business and we buy second hand baby & children's clothing from families just like you! If you're looking to have a clear out of your little ones wardrobe, and would like to save up for your child's next size clothing, then we've got you covered!


What do you pay?

We pay per KG and we ask you to quality check and weigh your items.

What we pay:

£1.50 per KG for sizes Newborn to 18-24 Months.

£2.00 per KG for sizes 2-3 years up to 15-16 years.

£3.00 per KG for premium brands such as Boden, Kite, Frugi, Maxomorra, DUNS Sweden.


Is that ALL you pay?

We keep our prices low for our customers, by choosing to purchase our items affordably. Whilst you may not think this is a lot, we pay much more than most businesses offering cash for clothes. We also offer to pay for your postage IF your parcel meets our minimum weight of 7KG.


How do you pay?

We provide a provisional quote before you send your items, and only pay you once we've received and quality checked your items.

We pay for your items by bank transfer, PayPal or store credit. We pay up to 20% extra when choosing store credit as a payment choice. Please note that PayPal payments incur a small fee.

What do you accept?

We accept high quality second hand and new clothing items for babies and children. There are some things we don't accept like used undies, socks, vests, school named uniform, clothing with dates and holiday destination clothing. Please make sure you read our T&C's to save disappointment with rejected items.

What do you do with rejected items?

Sadly, we still continue to receive items that will not pass our quality checks. For these, we provide two options:

Return - If you wish for your rejected items to be returned, you would need to pay and arrange for the collection of them.

Donation - You can choose to donate your rejected items. When we have spare time (very rare), we will do our best to restore items by stain soaking and repairing. If the item cannot be restored but it is still wearable it will go into our playwear bundles. If items are beyond restoration, we will recycle them.

It's important to note that if we cover your postage but your parcel contains rejected items, and the weight of the parcel minus these items falls below 7KG, we will deduct our postage fee from your payment.

Read our Terms & Conditions here

How do I send my items to you?

We'll pay for your postage if your parcel meets our minimum weight, we'll provide you with the postage label. Just follow our easy 6 step process to get started...

Quality Check & Washing

Firstly, make sure you read our Terms & Conditions here.

Check all of your items over, we recommend doing this during day light hours and in a well lit room. Check for stains, damage, wash wear and discolouration. Check all fastenings are in good working order, such as poppers, zips and laces.

Please make sure your items are freshly washed, we cannot accept items with bad odours or covered in pet hair.

To avoid disappointment please only send items that we're likely to accept. We won't pay for items that don't pass our quality checks.

Step 2: Separate & Weigh your items

Separate your items into size categories and weigh each bundle in KG's.

Category 1: Newborn to 18-24 Months

Category 2: 2-3 Years up to 15-16 years

We used to accept estimated weights for customers who were unable to weigh their items, sadly we this meant we ended up overpaying on postage. We only accept accurate weight measurements.

See what sizes of clothing we accept here.

We pay for postage on parcels that weigh 7KG or more, but if your parcel has rejected items which weigh less than our minimum weight, we'll deduct our postage cost from your payment. It is important to only send us items that comply with our Terms & Conditions.

Complete our Sell-To-Us Form

Once you've quality checked and weighed your items, you can fill in our Sell-To-Us enquiry form, make sure you provide all the information about your items.


Please click 'Save As' or 'Make a copy' to enter your details.

You can also print, write on the paper & send us a picture of your completed form.

Email us at

Our Quote

We'll have a look at your enquiry form and the details about your clothing for sale. If we decide to buy your items from you, we'll provide a provisional quote!

This quote is based on your items being in good condition and the weight being accurate.

It's important to know that our quote may change, if you send items that are likely to be rejected.

Read more about our T&C's here

Packing & Shipping

If you accept our provisional offer, we'll give you an information sheet to print (So we have your details and know who's parcel it is). You'll need to complete the sheet and neatly pack it with your items and let us know the weight of each parcel.

Parcels must not exceed 15KG and must be securely packed.

If you parcel weighs 7KG or more, we'll cover your postage and we'll provide you with a postage label.

Once you've printed your label, pop it onto your parcel and drop your parcel to your local Evri parcel shop or locker, find yours here.

Quality Check & Payment

Once you've sent your parcel, we'll keep an eye on the tracking.

When we receive your parcel/s, we can take up to 5 working days to quality check and weigh all of your items. When we've completed our checks, we'll get in touch with you by email and let you know our final offer.

We'll also let you know if there are any rejected items. Rejected items can either be returned at your cost or donated to us.

If you accept our final offer, we'll complete our payment or issue store credit to you (whichever you chose) within 2 working days.

If you decide to reject our final offer, you will need to arrange and pay for collection of your items.

Read more about our Sell-To-Us F.A.Q's here

Have you got any questions?

If you've got any questions or would like to speak to us about our Sell-To-Us service, please email us at or see our Contact Us Page

Want to leave us feedback?

If you've used our Sell-To-Us service and would like to leave us honest feedback, please see our Feedback Page.


Thanks so much for checking the items over so quickly and giving such a great service


Thank you so much for collecting the items in a convenient time for me, and getting back to me so quick! Thank you !💜


Found the whole experence very easy to navigate, very responsive and will be using them again when needed.


Really easy service couldn't fault anything!