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Trade In - Terms & Conditions

Welcome to our Terms and Conditions page for selling second-hand and Preloved baby and children's clothing and accessories! We're excited to provide you with clear guidelines and procedures for selling your items to us. Our goal is to ensure a transparent and straightforward process for both you and us. Please take a moment to review the terms outlined below before initiating any transactions. Should you have any questions or require further clarification, don't hesitate to reach out to our team. We're here to assist you every step of the way.

Sell your baby & children's preloved clothing to us hassle-free!

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Please kindly ensure that you send only items within our acceptance criteria, as we operate as a small family-run business and cannot bear the costs associated with recycling unsuitable items. Our aim is to provide quality products to families, so we appreciate your cooperation in sending only items that are suitable and safe for children to wear.

T&C's of our Trade In Process at Little Ones Preloved

Exchanging your children's used clothing with Little Ones Preloved offers a convenient method to clear out their wardrobes while earning some money to contribute towards their next size up!

At Little Ones Preloved, there are no selling fees as seen on websites like eBay. Plus, we'll cover your postage costs if your parcel exceeds our minimum weight requirement!

Terms & Conditions


  • We only purchse second hand childrens clothing from within the UK
  • We welcome baby and children's clothing ranging from sizes tiny baby to 13 years old. However, please note that we do not accept larger children's sizes or adult clothing.
  • We accept clothing that is in excellent condition, free from visible stains, damage, fading, excessive wear, stretching, shrinkage, or pilling. This also includes damage or cracking to prints or logos on the clothing.
  • We accept a diverse range of items, including preloved ones, brand new items, and those that are new but may not have their original tags attached.
  • We accept only clothing that has been freshly laundered. We do not accept dirty clothing or clothing with unpleasant odors.
  • In the event that we receive dirty items or items with unpleasant smells, they will be rejected according to our terms & conditions, and no payment will be issued for these. Should you send items that do not meet our acceptance criteria, you will be accountable for arranging and covering the costs of their return. If rejected items are not collected, we will assume possession of them.
  • We require items to have their original labels attached. We do not accept items with labels cut out, removed, or completely blanked out.
  • Please ensure you remove any name labels, or blank out names within clothing.
  • All buttons, zips, poppers, and elastic fastenings must be securely attached and in proper working order. Additionally, any laces, buckles, and other fastenings on shoes must be in excellent condition and functioning properly.
  • We do not accept counterfeit branded items, holiday destination memorabilia, personalized items, or items labeled for the year, for example "born in 2023.".
  • We do not accept school uniforms with logos; nevertheless, we are open to receiving generic school uniforms that are in very good condition. Please ensure that any school uniforms submitted meet our quality standards to facilitate their acceptance.
  • We do not accept clothing items that are older than 6 years, except for vintage brands like OshKosh B'Gosh, Carhartt, etc. If you have any uncertainties, please feel free to reach out to us for clarification.
  • We do not accept used underwear, socks, tights, hats, gloves, and scarves. Nevertheless, we gladly accept these items in New With Tags condition.
  • We exclusively accept shoes in excellent condition, devoid of any damage and dirt on both the uppers and the soles. Flip flops or sandals are not accepted unless they are in new condition.

Postage and Sending your Parcel

  • We will pay for your postage if your parcel meets our minimum weight of 7kg of accepted goods. If we recieve a parcel that includes unaccepted items and the accepted items are below 7kg, then we will deduct our postage costs from your payment.
  • Whilst we will cover the postage cost if your parcel meets our minimum weight, we require you to securely package your parcel to prevent the items from getting damaged during their journey.
  • We use couriers and will require you to either drop your parcel to a parcel locker or parcel shop. For large orders we will arrange for a courier to collect.
  • If we cover your postage payment, we will email you a prepaid label, which you will need to print and attach to your parcel. Please ensure the full label is visible on your parcel.

When your parcel arrives with us

  • We will only pay items that meet our strict quality standards, if you send us items below these standards, we will not pay for them.
  • We pay you using bank transfer or Store Credit, you will get upto 20% more for your items when choosing store credit.
  • Rejected items will result in a reduction of the original quote, as we do not pay for them. You can arrange collection at your expense for their return. Alternatively, you can surrender them to us for restoration, inclusion in playwear bundles for resale, or recycling. Failure to collect rejected items will result in us taking possession of them.
  • If the clothing you have sent us, weighs less than the weight stated when making your application, we will only pay for the actual weight of your clothing.
  • Once we recieve your parcel, we can take up to 7 working days to quality check

Processing Payment

  • After conducting a quality check on your items, we will weigh them to verify their weight. Subsequently, we will provide you with a revised offer, considering any rejected items or discrepancies in weight. This process also entails adjusting our payment if the weight of accepted items exceeds the initially stated amount.
  • Upon acceptance of our offer, we will provide you with a link to fill out our payment form or offer you store credit, based on your preferred method of payment. If you opt for payment via bank transfer, you'll be required to fill out our secure payment form, where you can submit your bank details to us. Once payment is confirmed as received, we will proceed with issuing the payment and promptly delete the form for security purposes.
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